Our Proud Cuisine

From a wide range of seafood only from the seas off Kyushu Island and Sanin, the owner chef himself carefully checks and picks out the best quality ones of the day. When the owner chef plans to buy new kinds of seafood/foods for the first time, he visits the growers/producers of such food/seafood to check their quality with his eyes. Through our own careful processing, we carefully draw out the true deliciousness from such ingredients, put growers'/producers' message into such ingredients, and make delicious sushi items from them.

"Steamed Abalone" is one of our representative cuisines. The main ingredient is Black Abalone from Kitaura (Yamaguchi Pref.). We cook this abalone by steaming it for over five hours and make the abalone into a special cuisine of soft yet crunchy flesh. Enjoy the steamed abalone with a special sauce of carefully strained liver as well as our careful processing skills.

All the counter seats are available only by advance reservation.
Best quality sushi/cuisines are prepared for customers at the counter seats. Enough number of seats are also prepared at the counter table for your various needs.