Nicely located near green-rich Yomiya Park in Tobata, Kitakyushu, Teru Zushi has been in active operation for more than 50 years, proudly offering delicious sushi cuisine of seasonal seafood from the seas off Kyushu Island and Sanin District.
Teru Zushi offers to its customers unique ways of enjoying sushi, depending on Japanese four seasons. With the strong persistence to using local and seasonal delicious seafood as sushi toppings, we proudly and wholeheartedly make sushi cuisine, based on the culinary skills and spirit traditionally handed down by our seniors from generations to generations.
Now Teru Zushi's history has reached the 50th anniversary thanks to the great patronage from all the customers. Then, all our staff are also going to be much devoted to further improve ourselves as a sushi restaurant to become truly beloved by a wide range of customers.

While based on the traditional sushi-making skills and sushi taste we have taken over since our establishment, we have actively applied ourselves to new skills or new things/trends in accordance with the changes in seafood quality and palate of our customers.
“Can do” is our technical motto. With this motto in mind, we would like to try anything new and global for customer satisfaction, while sticking to Teru Zushi's traditional sophistication and spirit.

Teru Zushi is ready to welcome and offer superb sushi cuisine to you with our utmost hospitality at any celebrative, important or special occasions of yours and your family's or when you entertain your business customers, etc.
We are really looking forward to seeing and serving you here!